Html input type number decimal comma

Html input type number decimal comma

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Inlagt av Stefan Singer Thursday, 13 December, - Which means that in Sweden, running your OS in Swedish, in some browsers 0,3 is a valid floating point number and 0.

In some browsers, the section behind the according to the browser faulty floating point separator just gets truncated and the input field is considered populated in a valid manner. In others, it does not truncate and instead considers the field invalid.

html input type number decimal comma

The behavior even differs between Firefox on PC and Firefox on Mac. A few minor changes was made.

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I moved the regular expression variable from the global space into the local, and if, for any reason, the value in the input actually IS a number already, I skip trying to convert it into one. This does not actually take locale into consideration at all, instead, both comma and dot are considered valid floating point separators, which in most of Europe at least is what probably is the best thing to do, because your end users do all kinds of weird things when it comes to entering numbers….

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This directive comes in handy. We recently started using Xamarin for a client project here at We made you look.

html input type number decimal comma

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Concrete5 is a great product.

html input type number decimal comma

Everything from getting the editor up to speed on how to be creative with their own material and ideas, to setting up a development environment that is suitable to the clients needs is easily done in this content management system.

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